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Last year we lost 5% of our forests.
Experts say the worst is yet to come. 

We need an international uprising.

take action with us. 
resist to survive.


Canada's 2023 Wildfire Season

2 billion tonnes of Co2 released 

6,551 Fires

5% of Canada's forests gone

240 000 Evacuated

18.5 Million Hectares burned

At least 8 Dead

yet over 70% of Firefighters are volunteers. Forces have lost 30 000 firefighters since 2016. 

That's almost 4 times Canada's annual emissions, and equivalent to the emissions of 100 countries.

This season was 6x worse than average.

Canada's boreal forest was especially hard-hit as we lose our last precious carbon sinks. 

Climate change is causing seasons to get hotter and drier. More smoke from wildfires produces more lightning, and this creates dangerous feedback loops. 

Those living in small northern communities, Indigenous communities especially, are facing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis first.  Over 42% of evacuees are Indigenous.

Including a nineteen year-old firefighter.

"What we do, in the next 3-4 years, i believe,  Is going to determine the future of humanity"

Sir David King,

former chief scientific advisor to the UK government, February 2021

The Plan.

sustained disruption

Civil resistance is our last chance at survival

iteration is key. we will win. 

Roadblocks, marches, and getting in the way of business as usual is the only route we have left to get our voices heard by the mainstream media and government. We iterate until we win. We don't have time to waste. 
From the Civil Rights movement to the Indian independence movement, history shows us that sustained nonviolent civil resistance is the most effective way to have our demands met in the short amount of time we have left. We are ready and we are nonviolent. 
Just like the Suffragettes and Freedom Riders in 1960s, we must persist and continue to engage in sustained disruption, day in and day out. We are the Last Generation. We cannot afford to lose.

Want to be on the right side of history? 


We are part of the A22 Network, spanning twelve organizations in twelve countries ready to fight for a livable world. Where our governments squabble and pass the blame on the climate crisis, we unite across nations to do what has to be done. Borders will not stop us.
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a national firefighting agency that trains and employs 50 000 firefighters

That Canada IMPLEMENT Legally binding citizens' assemblies to tackle the climate and ecological crisis in less than 2 years



An area the size of Greece burned in Canada last summer and 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted as a result of devastating wildfires. Meanwhile, over 70% of Canada's wildfire fighting forces are volunteers. This is at 1.3 degrees of warming, and we must demand that Canada protect those fighting on the front lines of the climate crisis protecting our last precious carbon sinks. 

We can't trust our criminal government to take the measures necessary to save us, as they've known about the climate crisis for decades. We must put power back into the hands of ordinary people to reach for the change that is necessary to secure us a livable future. 



We know who started the fires. Conference after conference and our politicians have failed internationally to put an end to fossil fuels. The Paris Agreement is dead; we need a real treaty to end the fossil fuel era and provide a just transition for workers.


Upcoming Action

International Action to demand the Fossil Fuel Treaty

March with us. The international campaign to end fossil fuels begins in the streets.

Saturday, July 27⋅1:00 – 3:00pm
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