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Come to a talk

The first step to getting involved with Last Generation Canada is to attend a talk: Canada is Burning: Here's What We Can Do About It. These talks delve into the unfiltered reality of the climate crisis, the efficacy of nonviolent civil resistance, Last Generation Canada's plans for action, and how you can get involved. See the schedule below to find a talk online or near you. 


protestor burning empty stroller. police officer holding a fire extinguisher.

Get Trained to take action

You must get trained to take action with us. These trainings provide a greater understanding of Last Generation, civil resistance and nonviolence theory in practice. 


We need as many people as possible to join us so we can give ourselves a chance at survival against the climate crisis. 

We're looking for people to help out with:

Do you have any specialized skills that could assist this campaign?

- Videography 

- Photography 

- Content Creation 

- Media + Press 

- HR

- Admin

- Data Analysis 

- Marketing

- Legal Support

- Finance

If you have a skill listed above or otherwise that could help, please email:

Making phone calls on our national calling team 
Providing arrest and jail support
Postering and leafletting 

Megaphone Collage


Hear from people who have taken action with Last Generation Canada (formerly On2Ottawa). 




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